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Consulting Engineer / Baltimore, MD
STPA is seeking an individual to provide consulting services to the power, pulp and paper, and other industries. These services require both travel (working at client facilities) and working at our offices in Baltimore. The selected individual must be self-motivated, independent, eager to learn, personable, respectful of others, a leader when required, and able to work well both alone and with project teams.

Routine responsibilities include chemistry and water treatment practice reviews for boiler and HRSG steam/water cycles, makeup water treatment systems, cooling water systems, hot water systems, flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems and wastewater treatment systems. The engineer should expect to spend 10-15 days per year performing internal crawl-through equipment inspections of HRSGs, boiler drums, deaerators, condensers, and other related equipment. The engineer should expect to provide on-site consulting services for five to 10 chemical cleanings per year. Other routine activities include review and interpretation of various laboratory analyses results for tube, pipe, deposit and water samples. Common projects may include the following.

Chemical Cleanings.
Chemistry manual development and/or training seminars.
Failure, corrosion and/or deposition investigations.
Flue gas desulfurization reviews.
Steam purity studies.
Makeup water treatment system evaluations and design.
Troubleshooting makeup treatment systems.

Water management studies.
Water treatment practice reviews.

Self-education using our vast collection of reference materials is expected. Development and presentation of technical papers and participation in relevant technical societies are encouraged.

Benefits Summary
The following benefits and services are available for regular, full-time employees.

In addition to the base salary, it is conventional for STPA owners to provide the following bonuses.

Christmas bonus equivalent to one-week's salary.
Annual supplemental bonus distribution, typically equivalent to a minimum of 6% of the employee's yearly salary. This bonus, albeit discretionary, is provided when the year has been sufficiently profitable and the efforts of the employee have contributed significantly.

Health care coverage for employee and family.
Basic term life insurance.

   Retirement Savings
STPA has a Simple IRA plan which exceeds the benefits of most traditional IRA plans. The allowable deduction for employees generally is much higher than for traditional IRA accounts. Additionally, the plan involves both an employee contribution and a matching contribution by the employer. STPA matches the employee contribution up to 3% of the employee's annual salary.

How to Apply
Candidates who wish to be considered for employment should submit a résumé to mail@stpa.com. Résumés are normally reviewed by an Associate within two weeks of receipt. Candidates are contacted via either e-mail or phone to schedule interviews. Alternatively, candidates may submit résumés by either facsimile transmission at 410-327-7506 or US mail at the following address.

Sheppard T. Powell Associates LLC
1915 Aliceanna Street
Baltimore, MD 2123
Attention: Employment Coordinator

Sheppard T. Powell Associates LLC (STPA) maintains a drug-free workplace and is an equal opportunity employer. Job offers are contingent upon confirmation of education, qualifications, and experience presented.


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