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Employment Opportunities

Sheppard T. Powell Associates LLC (STPA) looks forward to growth in our business and organization in the coming years. This will require a mixture of new part-time and full-time personnel. If you would like to join our organization, we encourage you to submit a résumé to [email protected]. From time to time, STPA may have a particular need which will be posted in this section. The strength of our organization is the extensive experience, honesty, care, consideration and work ethic of the members and employees of STPA. STPA has a reputation for attracting people interested in a career of lifelong learning and service. The owners of STPA recognize that as we ask personnel to diligently perform high-quality work and plan on a long-term commitment to our organization, we have to recognize also that loyalty is a two-way street. When personnel become part of the STPA family, we recognize that each has an existing family that should not be neglected. We strive to be supportive of our employees’ personal needs. We also provide a generous health care program and contributions to Simple IRA programs for our full-time employees.