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Employment Opportunities

Sheppard T. Powell Associates LLC (STPA) revamped its laboratory in 2017 and its website in 2018. We look forward to growth in our business and organization in the coming years. This will require a mixture of new part-time and full-time personnel. If you would like to join our organization, we encourage you to submit a résumé to our office manager ([email protected]). From time to time, STPA may have a particular need which will be posted in this section. The strength of our organization is the extensive experience, honesty, care, consideration and work ethic of the members and employees of STPA. STPA has a reputation for attracting people interested in a career of lifelong learning and service. The owners of STPA recognize that as we ask personnel to diligently perform high-quality work and plan on a long-term commitment to our organization, we have to recognize also that loyalty is a two-way street. When personnel become part of the STPA family, we recognize that each has an existing family that should not be neglected. We strive to be supportive of our employees’ personal needs. We also provide a generous health care program and contributions to Simple IRA programs for our full-time employees.

Full Time Water Treatment Consultant for Pulp & Paper and Power Industries

Sheppard T. Powell Associates LLC (STPA), a consulting firm and laboratory (, is seeking an individual interested in a career providing water treatment consulting services primarily for pulp & paper mills and power plants. A B.S. degree in science or engineering is required, preferably with at least two to three years’ experience in the areas of water treatment, chemistry monitoring and confined-space inspection. Applicants with water treatment vendor experience are welcome.

While at least half of your time will be spent at our Baltimore, MD office, the job provides ample opportunities for domestic and international travel. Field work likely will include weeks of commissioning sample panels for new combined cycle plants, and 10-20 days per year of internal equipment inspections of steam/mud drums, deaerators, condensers, and other related equipment. Typically, these inspections are performed as part of 1-7-day mill/plant visits, which often include other consulting services as well. Other common consulting services – include the following.

  • Steam/water cycle chemistry reviews.
  • Interpretation of various laboratory analyses results for tube, pipe, deposit and water samples.
  • Failure, corrosion and/or deposition investigations.
  • Steam purity studies.
  • Plant commissioning.
  • Chemistry manual development and/or training seminars.
  • Makeup water treatment system evaluations and design.
  • Troubleshooting makeup treatment systems and steam/water cycle chemistry problems.
  • Chemical cleaning planning and supervision.
  • Cooling water treatment.

The successful applicant will be cross-trained in select laboratory activities to maximize productivity and provide for additional personal development.  Selected individuals must be self-motivated, independent, eager to learn, personable, respectful of others, capable of leading when required, and able to work well both alone and within project teams. Self-education using our extensive collection of reference materials is expected. Development and presentation of technical papers and participation in relevant technical societies are encouraged. Spanish language capability would be a plus.  Experience with chemical cleanings is desired, but not required.

STPA is an equal opportunity employer, participates in E-Verify, and maintains a drug-free workplace. Job offers are contingent upon confirmation of education, qualifications, and experience presented along with the successful completion of a background check, E-Verify, and pre-employment drug testing.  A valid driver’s license and passport are required for travel purposes to clients’ facilities. Candidates who wish to be considered for employment should submit a resumé to [email protected].