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Inspection Services

Sheppard T. Powell Associates, LLC (STPA) offers to its clients an independent perspective for equipment inspections. Inspections of steam/water cycle components have provided critical information about steam/water separation, corrosion product transport, control of the oxidation state (and flow-accelerated corrosion in low pressure and intermediate pressure evaporators) during normal operation, control of layup, and other aspects of the chemistry program performance, which may not be apparent in the chemistry data. Our inspections have focused mainly on the waterside and steamside of the following components.

  • Boiler and Evaporator Drums (Steam Drums, Mud Drums, Lower Headers for Forced Circulation Boilers)
  • Deaerator Heater and Storage Tank
  • Condensers

STPA also has been involved to a lesser extent with the inspections of flash tanks, condensate and feedwater heaters, and turbines. At the August 2017 Power Plant and Environmental Chemistry meeting, Mr. Bartholomew provided a presentation on inspecting the steamside surfaces of condensers.