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Refinery, Sugar and Other Steam and Power Plants

Sheppard T. Powell Associates, LLC (STPA) has provided consulting services to a variety of steam and power plants. Following is a list of industries or facilities STPA has served.

  • Buildings or Campus Systems (Academies, Airports, Building Complexes, Hospitals, Universities, etc.)
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • District Heating Plants
  • Refineries
  • Saw Mills
  • Steel Mills
  • Sugar Mills

The following list is a sampling of the types of projects and services some of our current consulting staff have experience providing for industrial steam or steam and power plants.

  • Boiler water treatment reviews or program evaluations.
  • Steam purity monitoring and control. STPA has been involved in normal chemistry monitoring, upgrading monitoring systems, and boiler water carryover investigations.
  • Steam/water cycle chemistry, deposition and corrosion. STPA has been involved in audits of chemistry sampling, online monitoring systems, laboratory testing, chemistry programs, chemistry limit compliance, troubleshooting, and training.
  • Waterside inspections of steam generation equipment and deaerators as part of an assessment of the success of the water treatment program in controlling corrosion and deposition.
  • Chemical feed systems and feedwater and boiler water treatment.
  • Makeup water treatment selection, evaluation, troubleshooting and training.
  • Condensate filtration, polishing, and contaminant detection and control.
  • Tube sample selection, deposit weight and composition analyses, determining the need to clean, failure analyses and other metallurgical evaluations.
  • Investigations of boiler tube failures, boiler tube deposits, deaerator corrosion, superheater tube failures, and turbine deposition and corrosion.
  • Chemical cleanings planning, specification development, and consulting assistance during chemical cleanings
  • Layup of boilers.
  • Cooling tower water, secondary water systems, hot water systems, and high-temperature hot water heating systems treatment and corrosion control evaluation.